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Our History


In the year 1918 late Haji Muhammed Ali Khatri(the chairman’s grandfather) started his entrepreneurial career by repairing sewing machine, and got into miscellaneous businesses viz. sewing threads, winding machine, embroidery yarn, spinning wheel, twisting machine and many more one after one.

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Started manufacturing Cotton glazed yarn which was being used in making GOTA for sarees, was in high demand and less supply those days, since it was being imported from Manchester (UK). The production got started manually, due to lack of capital, technology and other considerable concerns.

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The automatisation in production of cotton glazed yarn was completely implemented and considering the current market along with GOTA yarn, started manufacturing kite flying yarn as well. Today more than 12 units of various thread manufacturing are running in our family each of us have become big player in our respective market.

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Got into service industry, manpower consultancy to help in finding best job for employees and best talent for the organization to contribute in their growth and expansion of business by supplying highly motivated, capable and determined people to consistently deliver success.

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